A little update…

Not much longer until MAKE ME BURN is released! We’ll be hearing back from our editor on the second round of edits, and from what she’s said, there are no major changes! So we are thinking we’ll have this book out within the next week or two. It’s exciting and frightening all that once as it’s our first full-length novel and we know that there will be people who’ll love it or hate it. We can only hope that there are more of the former rather than the later!

Now an update on Dustwalker. For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you might have seen that we are waiting to release this book by the middle or end of next year after we’ve finished the Isle of the Forgotten series. This is due to some very good advice from our editor, and for us, a good business move. Because while we are in this for our love of telling our stories, this is also a business we want to pursue as a career. We are finishing this rough draft first before we begin Book Two of the Forgotten Isle series, then all we need to do is get it edited. At the moment, the cover is in the works by the wonderful Isis Sousa of Helheimendesign Vuttudal and I can tell you now it is going to be amazing! We’ve seen some of the work in progress and it’s beautiful and going to be very hard to keep it from you all until it’s time for release. But that will only build antici…pation!

We are still wanting to keep to our goal of two books minimum a year, so we’re stilling planning to get Book Two out by the end of this year. For now, keep your peepers open for MAKE ME BURN!


About Tiffany Roberts

Tiffany Roberts is the pseudonym for Tiffany and Robert Freund, a husband and wife writing duo. Tiffany was born and bred in Idaho, and Robert was a native of New York City before moving across the country to be with her. The two have always shared a passion for reading and writing, and it is their dream to combine their mighty powers to create the sorts of books they want to read. They live in southwestern Idaho with their three children, where they are now actively pursuing their dream.
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