Release the Demon!

It’s so very exciting to see the final product of something that we’ve worked so hard on. To look at the screen and say “It’s done” with mild disbelief and elation and think that we did this. We really did this. MAKE ME BURN is now available and out there to the public and we still can’t contain our excitement!

After spending a few days finishing edits, reading, and formatting all the different files (now that was a pain!), as well as setting up our new desktops (our old ones were biting the dust. Literally.) we can get our focus back on writing again. We’re nearing 70,000 words with DUSTWALKER and we’re needing to finish this first draft before we can begin Book Two of the Isle of the Forgotten series. This will have our complete attention now that everything is finished with MAKE ME BURN.

If you’re still looking for the book, you can find it in Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo. The link are on our Books page. Again, we want to say Thank you to everyone who has supported us! You have no idea how much it means to us.


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