The End…

While they are not written at the bottom of the last chapter, those two words have us perched atop a mountain of relief. The first draft of Make Me Hunger is finally complete! Does that mean we are finished?


Not by a long shot.

We have a change of plans. At first, we decided to get right into Make Me Yours as soon as we finished this draft, but it needs work. Lots of work. We’re scheduled to turn this manuscript in to our editor in September, which means two months of intense self-editing and revisions ahead of us. We’re a little — okay, a lot — anxious with how this book will turn out (not that it’s any different from Make Me Burn in that respect), and we can only hope to make it the best it can be with the assistance of our amazing editor. We’re looking at an October release if all goes well! Keep your fingers crossed. We can’t because we’ll be typing.

We’re also in the process of commissioning the cover for Make Me Yours. We love working with our cover artist, Isis Sousa, and this could be the best cover yet! (Tiffany: Though I’m still very partial to Morthanion.) I know in the past we have given sneak peeks during the cover making process, but this will be kept under wraps until after Make Me Hunger’s release. For now, we’ll be working hard on revisions!

Looks like all those shows we’re behind on will have to wait. Good thing the internet has already spoiled most of them for us!


Hodor, why?!


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