We’re still alive!

I know, I know. It’s been a while. We really are horrible at blogging and usually wait until there is something exciting to tell you. And we do have some fun news…

There will be a Short Story/Novella for Isle of the Forgotten after Make Me Hunger!



I can’t give away who it will be about yet until Make Me Hunger is published, but this means you’ll get a little something between Book Two and Book Three. This was an idea I talked to Rob about only a few days ago and we discussed it, thinking it would be a fun extra to include. We’re already writing it, so cross fingers for the end of/beginning of next year. Make Me Hunger is currently with our editor – won’t be much longer! We’ve decided to give Pre-Order a shot, so as soon as we finalize the manuscript when all edits are done, we’ll get that up! So stay tuned!