Make Me Yours Release

It’s here! Make Me Yours is officially released and we are so excited for you to read it. It was a struggle to write at times, but we are extraordinarily happy with the end result. We hope are, too!

Find it on Amazon!

Make Me Yours will be available exclusively on Amazon as we’ve published it through Kindle Unlimited, but if you use a different retailer/e-reader, contact us with your receipt through Amazon and we’ll be sure to send the book your way.

We don’t ask often, but If you could also leave a review (for any of the books!), it would be most appreciated! You have no idea (or maybe you do!) how important reviews can be for us.

If you’re looking to purchase the paperback version, it will be available soon with the Limited Time Only Alternate Cover. We just need to go through the proof for any errors.

Until then…Happy Reading!