Valos of Sonhadra now LIVE

We’re so excited to announce that the Valos of Sonhadra Collaboration Series is now LIVE! Earlier than expected, but who’s complaining? So here is our New Release, Undying! We hope you love Orishok and Quinn as much as we do!



Orishok is the last of his kind — avalo shaped by the Creators to embody death. He’s stood vigil over his people for centuries, watching them fade away, one by one succumbing to the entropic energies they hold inside. With his slightest touch unwillingly bringing death to all living things, he has remained isolated in his people’s city, his heart as empty as the buildings around him…until a pale, slight female arrives and shakes the foundations of his world.


Quinn Dalton lost a lot when she was convicted of murder — her sister, her niece, her budding career — but it isn’t until she’s transferred to an interstellar penitentiary that she realizes her very life is no longer her own. Her existence aboard the Concord is a nightmare, broken only when the station is torn through a wormhole and crash lands on an alien world. After waking up alone and bloodied, but somehow unharmed, she seeks shelter in an abandoned city — where she discovers an ancient, wondrous mystery. Can she survive alongside a being whose touch means death?

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The Valos of Sonhadra series is the shared vision of nine sci-fi and fantasy romance authors. Each book is a standalone, containing its own Happy Ever After, and can be read in any order. Here is the complete list! We’re so happy to share this world with you and we hope you all enjoy them!


Alluvial by Amanda Milo
(Valos of Sonhadra #1)

Someone’s using me as leverage against my family. I was your average citizen, innocent of any crime worth going to prison for, and yet here I am.
But this isn’t a regular prison ship.
They alter me. And when the ship crashes on an alien planet, some of my new abilities come in quite handy—it’s the side effects that aren’t entirely welcome.
Not by me, anyway. The tribe of aliens that have taken me captive?
They don’t seem to mind.

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Temptest by Poppy Rhys 
(Valos of Sonhadra #2)

They can’t break me.

I wasn’t prepared for what came after I got arrested and sent to prison. Finding my sister in that hellhole should’ve been easy.

I wasn’t prepared to survive an alien planet straight out of a prehistoric nightmare. Facing my fears to withstand the creatures that wanted to eat me, and the hour alien men that watched me like a morsel they wanted to sink their teeth into…

I wasn’t prepared for any of it.

But I sure as hell wouldn’t let it break me.

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Blazing by Nancey Cummings
(Valos of Sonhadra #3)

Lucie is a survivor. She survived a fire that took her family and she survived three hellish years in prison. She even survived being sucked through a wormhole and crashing into an alien planet. They called her lucky but it was more than luck.

All she wants is to go home. She wants her life back and nothing will stop her: not prison, not an alien planet and the three strangely hot aliens determined to claim her.

Sarsen, Ertale, and Asche spent the last thousand years waiting for release from their bonds. When the little female bursts into their lives, she frees them from their unending servitude and ignores the fire in their heartstones. Now she thinks she can just leave them behind?

No. The trio will do whatever it takes to make Lucie understand that she belongs to them. She denies the heat in their eyes but she can’t deny the scorching fire in their kisses.

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Whirlwind by Ripley Proserpina
(Valos of Sonhadra #4)

Aveline got what she deserved. An unlucky thief, she’s been caught and imprisoned on the Interstellar Penitentiary System station. For the rest of her natural life, she’ll be an unwilling subject in whatever experiments the psychopathetic scientists choose to use her for.

But Aveline’s luck is about to change.

When a wormhole opens near the space station, Aveline is sucked out of hell and into a world she never knew existed—Sonhadra. And she’s not alone.

Locked away by a species known only as The Creators, the Ventos, a race of air elementals, have lived a half-life—alive but unaware of the passage of time, or who they are.

Until Aveline arrives…

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Radiant by Naomi Lucas
(Valos of Sonhadra #5)

Yahiro never thought she would end up in prison. Let alone on a prison ship where escape was impossible. But none of that mattered anymore because while she was curled up in the corner of her cell, the lights went out.

And when they turned back on it was worse.

Ending up on a planet—one so different than Earth—greeted by the screams of those who were injured in the crash and the corpses of those who didn’t make it, she sets off with the survivors in hopes of finding a way home.

What she finds instead are three alien seducers that won’t let her out of their sight, a city on the back of a giant beast, and a ghost world that will never let her leave.

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Shadowed by Isabel Wroth
(Valos of Sonhadra #6)

Deja thought she could fear nothing more than the daily treatments she received during her imprisonment on board the Concord. The horrible experiments which rack her body with unimaginable, searing pain. But she discovers the true meaning of terror as she clings to the life pod’s harness while plummeting toward the surface of an unknown planet.

Struggling to outrun the beasts hunting her, fighting to outrun the light, Deja hastens to reach the only cover she can find — between the feet of a giant stone statue. Only statues aren’t supposed to move, or wrap you in their arms and carry you off INTO SHADOW.

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Undying by Tiffany Roberts
(Valos of Sonhadra #7)


Orishok is the last of his kind — avalo shaped by the Creators to embody death. He’s stood vigil over his people for centuries, watching them fade away, one by one succumbing to the entropic energies they hold inside. With his slightest touch unwillingly bringing death to all living things, he has remained isolated in his people’s city, his heart as empty as the buildings around him…until a pale, slight female arrives and shakes the foundations of his world.


Quinn Dalton lost a lot when she was convicted of murder — her sister, her niece, her budding career — but it isn’t until she’s transferred to an interstellar penitentiary that she realizes her very life is no longer her own. Her existence aboard the Concord is a nightmare, broken only when the station is torn through a wormhole and crash lands on an alien world. After waking up alone and bloodied, but somehow unharmed, she seeks shelter in an abandoned city — where she discovers an ancient, wondrous mystery. Can she survive alongside a being whose touch means death?

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Enduring by Marina Simcoe
(Valos of Sonhadra #8)
They say crime doesn’t pay . . . but what if it’s done in the name of love? Being left behind by my boyfriend and getting arrested wasn’t part of the plan. Neither was becoming a test subject for a mad scientist, a crash landing in the prison spaceship and then struggling to survive in a deadly alien jungle.
I could have paid with my life, instead, I was given two incredible reasons to love again and this time the thing I need to do is to hold on to them.Love condemned me, now it’s the only thing left that can save everything I hold dear.

Simply enduring is no longer enough.

I want to truly live.

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Unfrozen by Regine Abel

(Valos of Sonhadra #9)

When the penitentiary ship she’s incarcerated in gets sucked into an anomaly, Lydia barely survives the crash onto an alien planet. Only the sadistic experiments performed on her by the prison’s scientist allow her to survive this harsh and dangerous world. The future looks grim until she stumbles upon a magnificent city of ice and its most unusual inhabitant.

Kai is fascinated by the delicate stranger fallen from the stars with the power to bring his hibernating city back to life. She stirs emotions long forgotten by his frozen heartstone. Can she be the salvation of his people or will the trap set by the Creator bring about their collective doom?

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Facebook Holiday Book Event


Do you love books? And giveaways? Then come join us on December 3rd through December 9th for our online Facebook holiday event for chances to win books, swag, gift cards, and lots of other goodies! This is our way of saying thank you for being such an amazing support!

Joining us, we have Paranormal, Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Urban Fantasy authors Marina SimcoeTameri EthertonGenevieve St YvesMonica Enderle PierceRJ BlainAmy CissellMiranda HonfleurColleen VanderlindenNancey CummingsRegine AbelRipley ProserpinaPoppy Rhys, and the wonderful Vicki Stiefel! Spent time with some of your favorite authors and get to know some new ones!

You can find the Event here or by clicking the photo above! We also have a couple giveaways already running for a chance to win Amazon Gift Cards! We hope to see you there!

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Happy Halloween from us to you! We hope you have a fun and safe one, and may you get loaded with candy! Especially chocolate. Definitely chocolate.

We didn’t have anything new this year, so here’s a flash fiction horror story we shared last year in case you missed it. Enjoy!

By Tiffany Roberts

Paige stared at her reflection in the bedroom mirror, fear skittering down her spine. She watched beads of perspiration roll down her face, felt them on her too-pale skin, and swallowed. The eyes staring back at her were obsidian pits void of light and emotion.

She raised her hand slowly. Her reflection matched the movement, matched her moment of hesitation before she pressed her fingers against the cool, smooth glass. Her palm tingled. The mirror rippled like the disturbed surface of still pond. Her reflected hand twined with hers, its touch cold as ice. Paige gasped, heart thundering, and tensed to pull away, to run and hide. But she couldn’t avert her gaze. The black eyes held her, compelled her, and faintly whispered words echoed in her ear. She couldn’t understand what they were saying.

Her dark reflection moved forward, none of Paige’s fear evident on its face. The mirror rippled faster, more violently, pulsing in waves of liquid silver as the reflection pulled itself out. It released its icy grip. Paige fell back onto the floor.

“Who…what are you?” Paige stammered, still unable to look away.

It made no reply, save to tilt its head to one side and stare with those eerie, expressionless eyes.

“Do you have a name?”


Paige bit the inside of her cheek and tentatively reached forward to touch the hand that looked so much like her own. The reflection didn’t move. It felt so real, so cold.

A knock sounded on her door. “Paige?”

Paige turned, finally released from the black gaze, and scrambled to her feet. Her mother opened the door and stepped inside before Paige could call out to her.

“Paige, have you seen my necklace? The silver one with the ruby pendant?”

“No,” she replied, eyes wide. Doesn’t she see it? “D-did you look in the desk upstairs? I-in your office?”

“I didn’t,” her mother said, smiling. “Don’t know how I forgot.” She moved to leave, halting abruptly before she closed the door. “Are you all right, honey?”

Paige could still feel the ominous presence behind her, a thick, heavy press of air on her back. “Yeah…I mean…I don’t think I slept well last night.”

Her mother smiled again, this time with a touch of sympathy. “Maybe take a nap before the party tonight. You have a few hours before it starts.”

“I’ll try. Thanks, mom.”

Her mother stepped out, closing the door behind her.

Paige took in a deep, shaky breath and turned back to the girl — the thing — standing behind her. Her heart stuttered. The reflection was smiling. It wasn’t the soft, loving smile her mother had worn a moment ago. It bore no joy. The mouth was too wide, and it lent only cruelness to those dark eyes. The thing tilted its head again and leapt.

Paige flinched and stumbled backward, squeezing her eyes shut, and landed hard on the floor with her hands raised to shield her face. The thundering of her heart filled the silence in the room. Nothing happened.

She opened her eyes and slowly lowered her trembling hands. The room was dark, but there was no one else inside. Paige’s skin heated; she was seeing things. She’d tossed and turned throughout the prior night, and her lack of sleep was causing hallucinations — on Halloween of all days. Maybe watching all those horror movies with her friends hadn’t been a good idea.

Paige shifted her attention to the mirror.

The empty-eyed reflection stared through the glass, mouth still split in that unsettling grin.

Paige started forward, pressed on by anger. This wasn’t real, and she wasn’t going to be afraid of it anymore. “Stop it! Just—” Her hand pressed to the cold, solid surface of the mirror. A chill pulsed through her. She glanced over her shoulder at her room. Everything was the same, but…reversed. Her bed was on the wrong side, the words on the poster over her dressed were backwards. And the mirror was framed in black instead of silver.

“What…what’s going on?” Her voice sounded tiny in the dark room.

The girl in the mirror said nothing, she just kept smiling as she turned away and walked toward the door. She opened it and stepped into the hall, closing it behind her. The click of the latch was faint, like Paige only heard it over a great distance. It echoed with startling finality in her mind.

“No!” she shouted, slamming her hand against the mirror. It shuddered, but didn’t break, didn’t ripple. Tears spilled from her eyes as she screamed.

The door opened behind her.

Paige stilled, breath catching in her throat. She turned slowly, blinking away the tears.

She knew the woman who stood in the doorway, knew the ruby-and-silver pendant around her neck. But the eyes were unfamiliar.


The empty black holes settled on her, and it tilted its head. The lips parted in a grin as it raised its clawed hands.

“Oh, God…” Paige backed up, bumping into the mirror, as the creature advanced. The weighty presence at her back intensified. She turned and banged against it, clawed at the glass, and screamed.

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Halloween Giveaway! – A Night of Elisa by Isis Sousa

A Night of Elisa, an Illustrated Novel by Isis Sousa

Halloween is nearly here! So why not give away a book fitting for the holiday? We are giving away one paperback edition of The Night of Elisa, an illustrated novel by the wonderful and talented, Isis Sousa!


~ The Corpse Bride meets Penny Dreadful ~

“Sometimes, life and love can follow the most obscure paths, just as they did for Elisa.”

Her life becomes a dark, cold, lonely cage the day the devil takes her as his wife. He robs her of almost everything she holds dear: her health, her wealth and what is left of her family.

Trapped between the nuances of life and beyond-life, Elisa finds herself struggling for a better tomorrow. With her health deteriorating, how will she summon the courage and strength to stand her ground? And how far will she go in the pursuit of a dream?

Embark with Elisa on this puzzling Gothic adventure set in the late Victorian era, between the world of the Living and the picturesque, melancholic Duskland.
The Night of Elisa is first and furthermost Victorian Gothic, but can also fit within other genres such as Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery and Occult.
Parental guidance: for 16+
Contains blood, nudity and dark themes.

1 Paperback of A Night of Elisa
US Entrants Only

Enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway
Head on over to her Facebook Page and give her a ‘Like’!

About the Author


I am an artist; illustrator and graphic designer who writes on my free time. But with all the imagination I have running loose, there came some stories… And there came some books!

I am born and grown up in Brazil, however, I live in Mid-Norway with my beloved husband, in a tiny valley surrounded by mountains and with very few neighbors.

When I’m not doing artwork and illustration for clients, I’m doing woodcarving, painting ornaments, painting artworks for myself, and so on. Love Arts, History, Heavy Metal and Dark things.


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Book Promotions

You guys!

Who doesn’t love a good discount? We all love to save money!

We have two book promotions to share with you all! They each have different run times, so be sure to check the details below. One also has a giveaway you can enter for a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Through both of these promotions, we have Dustwalker on sale for a Limited Time Only. (You can grab it for .99 between September 20-22nd!) This will be the one and only time we will be putting this book on sale, so if you haven’t, now is the time to snatch it up!


If you haven’t picked up Make Me Yours (Isle of the Forgotten Book 3), it is also on sale for a Limited Time!


Now check out these other promotions!

Scifi Promo

Sci-Fi Romance Book Promotion
Find some Sci-Fi Romance deals here!
Sale runs September 20 – 22

Romance Book Fair

Romance Book Fair

Find deals on a variety of romance books priced $2.99 or less!
Sale runs September 21 – 24th
Enter to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Enjoy these amazing book deals and Happy Reading!

Stay tuned for our cover reveal for Make Me Surrender coming soon!

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Unfortunately, this blog post isn’t about our writing progress or our upcoming releases. Instead, we’re touching upon a subject that upsets many authors (and anyone else who creates artwork, music, etc).


Recently, while running a Blasty scan to search Google for pirated copies of our books, we came across a website. On this website, people request particular books, and others reply by sharing the file for those books — allowing anyone to download it for free. Sadly, we recognized some of the names on the site. We’ve seen them on Facebook, Goodreads, and even in reviews on our work. We’re thankful for every review we receive, but they do not negate the harm caused by pirating our books.

I will not call them out by name. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, and take this time to explain how this hurts us and creators everywhere.

The number one justification we’ve heard for downloading pirated books:

“I can’t afford to buy books.”

We get it. We really do. We are a family of five who live paycheck to paycheck. I’m a stay-at-home mom and my husband and writing partner, Robert, works a fulltime day job. We make just enough to pay our bills and buy groceries (using store brands and careful planning), with a little left to spare.

Do you know what a lot of this spare money goes towards if we don’t use it for a family outing?

It goes into our books. It goes to our cover artist who spends hours painting our beautiful covers. It goes to our editors who work hard to help make our books the best they can be. It goes toward giveaway prizes for our readers as thanks for their continued support. Because we really do appreciate you. Every single one of you. Very much.

What little we can spare also goes towards marketing — which we don’t do much of, because it is so expensive. To those of you who spread the word and recommend our books to friends, bloggers, other fan groups, etc…THANK YOU! You have absolutely no idea how amazing that is for us. It’s one of the best things you can do to help an author — especially newer authors — get noticed.

Not only does my husband work a full-time job, but he works more hours every night, writing and editing books with me. It’s a second job. Almost all of our free time goes into writing. That’s hours upon hours each week, reaching for a goal we might never obtain — to be full-time writers. He’d love to be able to quit his job so we could devote our days to writing, which would allow us to produce more books for you to read every year, and would free up our evenings for more family time.

He’s suffered through bouts of depression on and off for years with the job he has now. To be able to quit it and do what he loves full time would make him incredibly happy — and it would make me happy, too.

Every time someone pirates a book or downloads a pirated book, we lose out on money that we put in months of hard work to earn. Money that goes toward food for our family, or to pay a bill. Anything extra goes right back into our books, pushing toward that ultimate goal.

As I said, we get it. We try to keep our prices reasonable so our work remains accessible. Buying a book from an author you like every few months isn’t a very large investment on your part, especially considering the hours of enjoyment you get in reading it — most indie books are less than $5. That’s a single cup of coffee from Starbucks (or less, in some cases). But that coffee is gone once you consume it. You toss the cup away and forget about it. The book is yours to keep, there to reread as many times as you want.

If you’re a voracious reader like I am, I understand that books add up in cost. It’s part of why we keep our prices relatively low. But there are other options — Kindle Unlimited or your local library can help feed your reading habit on a budget.

Did you know that you can request indie books from libraries? Because you can. Both in ebook and paperback. All you need to do is ask. It might take some time for them to order, but it’s a great alternative. It just takes patience.

So please, if you love our books and want to support us, do not search for or download pirated books. This hurts us — and our fellow writers — in so many ways. If you can’t afford a book right now, wait for a sale, or set aside a little bit every time you can.

Just…please say “No” to piracy.


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Dustwalker Release

Wow! Has it really been three months since we last posted here? We’re horrible at keeping up with all these ways to stay connected, but if you follow us on FaceBook or if you’re signed up for our Newsletter, then you’re in the loop! If not…well, that’s why we’re posting this here, too. Dustwalker is now up on Amazon for your reading pleasure!

Dustwalker by [Roberts, Tiffany]

Find it on Amazon!


Walk. Scavenge. Destroy. Trade. A simple cycle that’s suited Ronin for one hundred and eighty-five years. With no clear grasp of his programming, the barren wasteland known as The Dust offers him purpose, a place where his armored undercasing, amped-up processors, and advanced optics can be put to use. The ramshackle towns on the edges of the waste serve merely as resupply stations between increasingly long treks. But one night — one human woman — makes him question everything.


Lara Brooks struggles to survive under the strict rules imposed by the bots in Cheyenne. With her sister missing, she’s been on her own for weeks, and fears the worst. Her only hope comes from Ronin, a bot she catches spying on her. He promises to provide for Lara and search for her sister. All she has to do is dance. It should be easy; she’s done it before. But the longer she spends with Ronin, the harder it is to see him as just another bot.


In a city where humans are relegated to live in squalor, Ronin discovers a threat greater than any in the Dust — Warlord, Cheyenne’s tyrannical leader. When Ronin ignores the rules, he unwittingly puts Lara in danger. Warlord is as intolerant of disrespect as he is of mankind.


We hope you love Dustwalker as much as we do! We’d also appreciate it if you left a review on Amazon — whether you liked it or not — as reviews help us, as well as other authors, so much!

What’s next for us? We’ll be working on Make Me Surrender’s outline to finally wrap up the Isle of the Forgotten series. We never meant for there to be a fourth book, but we’re still excited to write it. Isis Sousa, our cover artist, has also been working on the cover. She’s on vacation right now, so she’ll be finishing that up when she gets back. That means…cover sneak peeks coming soon!

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Make Me Yours Release

It’s here! Make Me Yours is officially released and we are so excited for you to read it. It was a struggle to write at times, but we are extraordinarily happy with the end result. We hope are, too!

Find it on Amazon!

Make Me Yours will be available exclusively on Amazon as we’ve published it through Kindle Unlimited, but if you use a different retailer/e-reader, contact us with your receipt through Amazon and we’ll be sure to send the book your way.

We don’t ask often, but If you could also leave a review (for any of the books!), it would be most appreciated! You have no idea (or maybe you do!) how important reviews can be for us.

If you’re looking to purchase the paperback version, it will be available soon with the Limited Time Only Alternate Cover. We just need to go through the proof for any errors.

Until then…Happy Reading!

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Make Me Yours Blurb Reveal

I know! I know! It’s been awhile since we’ve posted,  but just know we’re hard at work on Make Me Yours. We’re looking at an April Release, so stayed tuned. For now, here is the Blurb.



After battling the forces of shadow for millennia, Gaelin struggles to hold the fragile threads of his mind together. His only salvation from the encroaching darkness is in finding his mate. But when the other half of his soul is presented to him, she is not what he expected.


Banished to a magical island prison with her twin brother, Mayra finds herself free of their dark master for the first time in centuries. But, with each day on the island a battle for survival, she must face difficult choices — especially when she finds herself powerfully drawn to Gaelin, despite his loathing for what she is.


With her magic sealed and her master coming to retrieve her, Mayra will do anything to keep herself and her brother from enslavement. Gaelin’s offer of aid and protection gives her some hope — but is she willing to pay his price?

Add it to Goodreads!

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Make Me Whole


Make Me Whole: Isle of the Forgotten (2.5) by [Roberts, Tiffany]

Consumed by guilt, Quildor Vinson returns to the Mage Tower and questions his place. He saw the signs of instability in his commander; could he have prevented the betrayal that nearly killed his comrades? When the High Mage mentions strange reports near the village of Quildor’s birth, he sees a chance to take action and volunteers immediately to investigate. Though he hasn’t set foot in the village for eighteen years, he has never forgotten Wren, the girl who claimed his heart when he was young. If the only woman he’s ever loved is in danger, Quildor knows he cannot remain idle. Even if it means disregarding the High Mage’s orders.

Find it on Amazon!

Coming to B&N, Kobo, & iBooks soon!

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